Laying it on the Line

by Jude Collins

A collection of interviews with diverse stakeholders Laying it on the Line, Opinions on the Border gives voice to a wide range of views on the line across Ireland that everyone forgot. Established a century ago, it has re-emerged as central to relations, turning into not just the border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK, but between the EU and the UK.

In this bookwe hear from those living in border communities, where social and economic life has flourished since the Good Friday Agreement. With Brexit, their lives and livelihoods risk serious damage. We hear from those who guarded the border during the Troubles, as they talk about their experiences then and how they now view the border they once guarded. Politicians comment on the economic earthquake Brexit may well produce, with after shocks extending as far as the US. Will the stresses of Brexit risk the very existence of the UK? Will some Unionists in Northern Ireland abandon old loyalties and look south? Will the re-emergence of a hard border see a re-emergence of violence in the North, as dissident republicans target and unpopular dividing line? Should a border poll, as promised in the Good Friday Agreement, be called? And if so, When?

This collection describes the impact Brexit may have on the lives of those interviewed. Socially, economically and politically, they speak for us all.

ISBN: 9781781177440

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Date of Publication: 12/11/2019

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