Brain Teasers Solve the Mystery

Calling all budding detectives! 30 Second Mysteries is a little tin packed full of fun, intrigue and entertainment for the whole family. Whether it is for some fast fun at home or a quick-play game whilst out and about, these puzzling mysteries are perfect for adding a little excitement in a short amount of time.

These 30 Second Mysteries can be played with two or more players. The first person reads the Case and the Mystery sections to all the players. There are also five clues which provide all the information required to solve the case. The clues are read out one at a time giving each player the opportunity to make a guess at the answer to the Mystery questions after each clue.

The first player to win eight cards it crowned Super Sleuth! It will take smart deductive skills and quick wit to solve these mysteries! Packaged in a small circular tin, and with over 60 mysteries to solve, 30 Second Mysteries makes a perfect travel game for some on the go fun.

Ages 8 and up.

2+ players.

ISBN: 794764016338

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